September 27

Do not take your samurai sword into a trash fight.

This is a report from the Broward County, Florida police after one man was arrested in connection with a bizarre junk conflict.

Curtis Miller, 54, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted second-degree murder in connection with an incident that was filmed on July 15. Police said the victim, Todd Beevers, was jogging when he saw the suspect browsing a large trash. pile in the vicinity of Auckland Park. The beavers took a wheelbarrow from the pile, which the suspect also wanted, and the two men began to argue: “The two exchanged words, but the runner took the cart and ran after it, pushing the object home,” the police said in a statement. Soon, the suspect caught up with Bobrov near the Bobrov house, where home security cameras recorded the meeting.

The footage shows Beavers standing at the edge of the driveway with a wheelbarrow talking on the phone. He notices that the suspect is walking down the street towards him and steps out onto the sidewalk.

The suspect can be seen drawing his katana samurai sword as soon as he enters the frame. He takes several intermittent steps, then raises the sword behind his back and makes a strong blow down the victim.

The video shows two men fighting for a wheelbarrow. The suspect swings his sword several times, but does not seem to hit the Bobrov.

“When he pulled out his sword, I thought…” Is he really going to do this? “Beevers told WSVN in August. After a brief skirmish, the suspect lets go of the wheelbarrow and retreats. The victim can be seen pointing to a security camera that has just captured the entire meeting.

The video ends with a woman pulling a cart.

Bobrov was not injured in the attack.

Police initially posted the video in August in hopes of identifying the man and woman with the sword.

The woman later introduced herself as the owner of a property with a pile of rubbish. The suspect is being held without bail on unrelated charges, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Beevers said he regretted grabbing the cart because he had no idea it would lead to such an intense argument.

“I don’t even need it,” he said. “I just felt really stupid about it.”

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