September 18

One Florida man made a splash on Tuesday after he was seen rolling down Jacksonville streets on a personal jet ski adapted to travel like a motorcycle.

A video posted online shows a 23-year-old man, Trey Yarbrough, wearing a black helmet and red backpack, taking his homemade hybrid – a fuse between a 1988 Sea-Doo scooter and a 1989 Honda Elite scooter – in a spin. the way to the gym.

A welder and manufacturer by trade, Yarbrough told the Miami Herald that it took him “several weeks” to create the device and that it was equipped with brake lights and turn signals, making it “100 percent legal.”

“I built it just for fun, just to be different and get smiles,” Yarbrough said in a Facebook post. “A lot of people don’t like motorcyclists, so I give them a reason to smile.”

Beth Porter, who was filming the strange encounter, told News4Jax that she spotted Yarbrough around noon on Tuesday.

After the radio station shared the video – it garnered over 72,000 views on Facebook alone – Yarbrough contacted News4Jax, claiming responsibility for the stunt. Yarbrough told the station that the Department of Transportation had approved the use of the car on state roads.

“I’m just glad to be in the news for something positive, if you [want to] call it positive,” he told the Herald.

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