September 16

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida. A Florida man charged with the murder of a woman whose strangled body was dumped on a road three years ago is now suspected of killing three other women in the state in the mid-2000s, authorities said Monday.

Palm Beach County sheriffs’ deputies arrested Robert Hayes on Sunday for the reprehensible murder of Rachel Bay, whose body was found three years ago by a passer-by on the road. A judge denied him bail during a short hearing on Monday.

The court records show that 32-year-old Bey was a prostitute, and her jaw and several teeth were broken by her killer. Although Hayes, 37, was not charged in Daytona Beach, police said at a press conference on Monday that he was suspected of killing three women in 2005 and 2006.

“We think we killed a serial killer from the street. We will be looking for additional casualties, ”said Palm Beach Sheriff Captain Michael Wallace. He said investigators would focus on the gap between the murders in Daytona Beach in 2005 and 2006 and Bey’s death ten years later.

“If we hadn’t put this man in jail, he would have done it again, and we would have had another victim,” said Palm Beach Sheriff Rick Bradshaw.

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