September 12

An employee at a Florida construction production company who allegedly stabbed five people on Wednesday did so after learning that he could be fired, police said.

Antvanne Brown, 41, was charged with five counts of attempted murder after allegedly using a pocket knife to stab five people, including Dyke Industries employees and another person interviewed at the Tallahassee plant. according to the city ATC. Brown was in a “good mood” before arriving for work, a colleague who gave him a lift told investigators. But once there, Brown apparently heard his boss say “fire him,” the boss said. Brown entered into a confrontation with his boss and allegedly grabbed him by the pocket. The Taskmaster, “afraid that Brown will get his weapon,” armed himself with a piece of wood. Brown was ordered to leave his job.

The 41-year-old man then called his pastor, asking for prayers and forgiveness, prompting the pastor to call the police, according to his affidavit. Shortly thereafter, Brown allegedly stabbed five people and attacked a sixth. The wife of Bobby Riggins, a man who was interviewing for a job at Dyke Industries, was on the phone with him around 8:30 am when she heard chaos in the background.

“The next thing I remember, he said, ‘Baby, I was stabbed five times,” said a Tallahassee Democrat, his wife, Marquette Campbell. She said that her husband later called her to say that he was bleeding internally and had surgery. As of Wednesday afternoon, one victim was hospitalized in serious condition, two in good condition, two in satisfactory condition.

Brown was arrested outside the facility and charged with five counts of attempted murder in the first degree and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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