Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Deleon Springs, Florida. Early Wednesday morning, a man descended into a 30-foot well in Volusia County and was unable to get out, officials said.

The incident took place in a wooded area off Grand Avenue south of DeLeon Springs. According to the incident report, three men, aged 18, 19 and 20, had previously mowed the lawn at the site and told the Volusia County MPs that they planned to return and climb into the well “to show off.”

According to the report, the 18-year-old was stuck at the bottom of the well and his friends tried to pull him out with a rope tied to an SUV. His friends called 911 after they were unable to free the 18-year-old from the well.

“You’re going to leave, don’t worry,” one of the men can be heard talking to a friend on the emergency number.

“He just said he wanted to get the F out of the hole,” the 911 caller said about the man stuck in the well. “He’s a little upset.”

A fire brigade used ropes to reach a man who was stuck in a well for about an hour.