October 1

MIAMI. This week, a Miami woman was arrested after driving an interstate while a man held on to the front of a car.

The horrific incident was captured on camera by an ex-girlfriend and a stunned motorist desperate to get her to stop.

The dispatcher sent emergency calls to their center.

“She turns the car around and I’m on the roof of the car. I really need help. ”

CNN identified the man on the hood as the junior Francis, who said he was terrified the entire time. The woman behind the wheel, Patricia Isidore, told reporters that Frances is her ex and portrayed him as someone who would not leave her alone.

However, Francis told a local reporter that they both needed a car that night, but his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child, beat him again and again. He said he jumped into the car to prevent her from leaving their shared home.

When he refused to get out, Isidore allegedly pulled off the road and onto the interstate. For the next 19 miles, she reportedly drove at 70 miles per hour, with the man clinging to the hood of the car.

Motorists can be heard shouting at her to stop the car, but at first she refused.

She was eventually arrested and charged with criminal negligence.

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