Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Seminole County, Florida. According to the Seminole County Sheriff, the man was naked from the waist down when he burst into the elementary school, throwing feces in the process.

Deputies said that on August 26, a Bear Lake elementary school employee noticed signs of a break-in.

The report found that surveillance footage showed a man later identified as 25-year-old Christian Dominic Schea, who jumped over a fence in the grounds around 2:10 a.m.

The MPs said they found cake frosting on boxes, desks and chairs in the classroom. Records indicate that there were traces of frost on the floor as well.

According to the affidavit, the opened cake container was found in a trash can in the classroom, along with a children’s sweatshirt covered in frosting and feces.

Authorities said handprints and traces of feces were found on the windowsill in the classroom where Shay burst into.

According to the report, a stapler was found in the toilet, a TV remote covered with feces and frost was found in the bathroom, and a $ 559 laptop was found in a trash can outside the school and the soiled men’s underwear was found hanging from the building.

According to the records, Shay was on campus until about 4:30 am.

During the investigation, the deputies said that the school staff had found Shai involved in previous incidents.

Shai was on Friday at his home in Apopka. He told MPs that he was the person on the surveillance video and he believes he committed a crime because he smoked marijuana that had an unknown substance added to it, according to the report.

He was arrested on charges of burglary, damage to property, petty theft and indecent exposure.