November 10

PINELLAS PARK, Florida (CBS12) – Police arrested a Florida man on October 22 after Pinellas Park Police Department reported doing several questionable things with toys at Target.

According to the affidavit, 20-year-old Cody Christopher Meader walked up to the Frozen toy show at Target in Pinellas Park, Florida. According to police, Meader grabbed Olaf’s stuffed toy and began having sex with her on the floor.

Olaf is a sentient snowman who “loves a warm hug” and is a popular character on Disney’s Frozen hit parade. The sequel, which will feature Olaf, will premiere on November 22nd.

According to the police report, Meader also had sex with a large unicorn plush toy.

In an affidavit, the police wrote that the toys could not be resold and Target was forced to release them after the incident. The things were quickly destroyed due to the circumstances.

The police charged Meader with criminal harm.

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