Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

ST. JOHN COUNTY, Florida. A Florida man was arrested after allegedly pulling off a bus stop and then calling emergency services to wipe him down, WTLV reported.

19-year-old Nicholas Jones is accused of reckless driving, misuse of the emergency services and violation of probation.

On May 5, on South Woodlawn Street, when the car pulled out of the parking lot, the MP tried to move into a white Hyundai.

About an hour later, the 911 dispatcher called from the St. John County Sheriff’s Office.

“I want to know – I like running away from a cop 30 minutes to an hour ago,” the caller said, according to an emergency call received by WTLV. “I was that guy from the Kings Estates. Like, what are we paying you guys for? Like, I drove past four cops.

The dispatcher asked in confusion: “What does it mean that you ran away from the cop?”

“I mean, he turned on the light on me and stood behind me, and when he came to my door, I covered him with a donut and left,” the caller said.

The dispatcher asks if the caller asks for a meeting with the officer and what exactly the caller asks.

The caller said, “I have a question, I’m guessing he posted an APB that someone is looking for my car, so he definitely got a license plate, but I went through like four cops just driving down the street. Like, what are you guys doing? ”

The dispatcher told the caller that law enforcement was working on a number of calls. The MPs used the call to trace the phone back to Nicholas Jones. Jones was wanted for an unrelated crime.

The next day, the deputies found a car with the same tags in front of a clothing store, as WTLV learned from the arrest report.

Jones was arrested and told MPs that, from his point of view, “this policeman had no right to stop me. I saw him turn on the lights and sirens and was about to stop, but I didn’t want to. ”

When Jones realized that it was his call that made the officers find him, he said, “That’s funny. So I said to myself? No police officer can catch me in my Hyundai Elantra, it’s fast, ”WTLV reports.