Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

MELBOURNE, Florida. Authorities say the Florida man was returned to prison shortly after his release due to not being able to pay the taxi driver who took him home from prison.

Florida Today reports that 40-year-old Charles Falk was arrested Thursday morning on petty theft charges.

Melbourne police say Falk hailed a taxi outside the Brevard County jail complex in Cocoa shortly after midnight. After driving 30 miles (50 kilometers) to his home in Melbourne, Falk told the driver that neither his sister nor his roommate could help him pay for the $ 70 fare. The driver called the police.

Folk used to be in prison for hooliganism. Officials say he was convicted of searching his own home and damaging his roommate’s belongings.

Folk was held on bail of $ 2,000. The prison records do not include a lawyer.