Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

June 25 (UPI) – A Florida man was driving down the busiest highway in the state, clinging to the hood of a car.

In the video footage of the incident, recorded by Daniel Mead, who was driving alongside a passenger in the open air, a man lies on the hood of a car that is traveling at 70 miles per hour. He holds on with one hand and speaks on a mobile phone with the other.

Midakh told WPLG-TV that he believed the man was on the phone with the woman who drove the car.

“He didn’t even look like he was scared by what was happening, but I was worried,” Midah said, adding, “All I thought was that this guy would slide off and hit me from the other side, or if for that matter, he will slide down and she will hit him, and then she will collide with someone else. ”

“When she says she’s done with you, but you’re not done with her #onlyinflorida yet,” Midach wrote along with his video.

Neither the man on the hood nor the woman in the car has been identified.