Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

(RNN) – Officers in Cape Coral, Florida witnessed a fully naked man dancing around a campfire, standing in flames, and chanting “gibberish.”

It happened on June 22 at Pine Island Lane. The officers received a report that a man with a knife tried to set the car on fire.

According to the police report, the man, who was identified as 27-year-old John Hennessy, also threw a stone through the window of the house.

After singing and dancing, the officers said Hennessy grabbed a wooden stick and swung it. Then they pulled out a stun gun and took him into custody.

Despite being handcuffed, Hennessy continued to sing in an “unknown language.”

“He shouted nonsense, he always shouted. It was in a different language and I didn’t know what he was talking about, ”the suspect’s sister, Heather Hennessy, told WFTS.

Police believe John Hennessy may have consumed psychedelic mushrooms. Heather Hennessy told local media that she received burns while standing in the fire.

He received treatment at the district hospital and was later transferred to the Li County Jail, where he was charged with aggravated assault, criminal hooliganism and four counts of assaulting law enforcement officials.

His mother told local media that since he left the rehab center, his behavior has been erratic. The Hennessy family wants his case to bring attention to mental illness.