Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

BRADENTON, Florida (WFTS / CNN) – A Florida man was injured while moving pool furniture on his patio. It only took a second, but he almost died.

Charles Lee was moving a deck chair when a gust of wind knocked him down into the pool. A chair leg pierced his throat.

“I was stunned. This wind lifted me off my feet. And when I came up, my jaw hurt, and I went to touch my jaw,” he said.

Doctors say Lee was lucky: a trip to the emergency room and more than a dozen stitches.

“The laceration went two centimeters past my carotid artery,” Lee said.

Lee is on antibiotics and received a tetanus shot. Doctors were worried about the infection because the bottom of the stool was rusty.

“A couple of guardian angels are watching me. In fact, this is what the ambulance doctors said, ”he said.

Lee wondered how such a strange incident had happened.

“If you look later, you can see the sail effect and the funnel effect that often occurs in tight spaces such as between buildings or between canals, and I believe that is exactly what happened here,” he said.

Li visited a doctor five days after the accident. He’ll be fine, but the pool chair will be in the bin.

“It’s scary. I will never, never wear this or lie on it again. It has completed its task and next time I will probably buy plastic,” he said.