January 30

A Florida resident claims he was jailed for six weeks due to an incorrectly identified bag of detergent.

On December 5, the Martin County Sheriff’s office responded to reports of a “suspicious van” in the parking lot and found 29-year-old Matt Krall asleep in the car.

The deputy allegedly checked the bag found inside the van and told Krall that it was heroin. It was a washing powder.

“He showed me on his phone a photograph of the field test kit he allegedly was conducting. He never actually showed me a real test kit, ”Krall told reporters. “I just looked at him, bewildered and bewildered because I had no idea where the 92 grams of heroin came from in my van.”

Krall was arrested and charged with heroin trafficking. His bond was set at $ 500,000.

“(It’s) very surreal when you’re in jail on half a million dollars bail,” Krall told the news channel, “and you can’t go anywhere knowing you weren’t wrong.”

WPTV reports that the officer who arrested Krall, Stephen O’Leary’s deputy, was fired after an investigation revealed he had jailed at least 11 innocent people on drug charges.

“Whatever we do, no matter how hard we try, just on the basis of the Law of Opportunity there is always the chance that one bad apple will slip away,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

Krall said he could sue for damages. “I’m not saying he ruined my life,” Krall told WPBF25, “but he definitely caused me a lot of emotional turmoil and a lot of stress for my family.”

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