February 29

NEW SMIRNA BEACH, FL (AP) – A Florida man set fire to his hospital bed in an attempt to get the attention of nurses as he felt they were ignoring him, police said.

John David King, 75, admitted to using a lighter to set fire to a plastic bag at a New Smyrna Beach hospital on Saturday, news agencies reported.

He had no intention of harming anyone, but police said he was upset because he felt that the nurses ignored him when he asked for his clothes. King was admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure.

King’s neighbor, Samuel Moreno, told him to put out the fire, but said that King lit it again and the flames broke out. Moreno pressed the emergency button and the nurse went out to put out the bed with a fire extinguisher.

Meanwhile, King left the room and headed for the elevators before being arrested and placed in the Volusia County Jail on $ 15,000 bail, The Miami Herald reported.

The bed was damaged beyond repair and would cost $ 4,000 to replace, a hospital administrator told WKMG-TV.

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