Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

This week in Florida, a dog was accused of accidentally wounding a sleeping woman in the leg.

The woman’s boyfriend touched Diesel’s dog after MPs went to a Jacksonville home on Tuesday night to investigate.

A Florida man claims the DOG shot his girlfriend. MORE ABOUT how he says his dog Diesel fired HERE:

– Tenikka Smith Hughes (@TenikkaANjax) February 22, 2017
Fox 30 Jacksonville reports that Brian Murphy told MPs that his girlfriend was asleep when he took Diesel for a night walk. He said that when they returned, he saw a flash and heard a pop.

Murphy told MPs that the gun was accidentally fired when Diesel jumped onto the nightstand where he left the gun.

The victim, who was not identified, received minor injuries. She told the MPs that she woke up with throbbing pain and did not know what happened.

At the station they said that Murphy and the girl did not want to talk.

The police record does not specify the breed or size of the Diesel.

A neighbor told the station that she was suspicious. “A dog can’t shoot a gun,” Dianne Fay said. “This is madness.”