Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

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Florida Man 31 December Birthday Challange

The four men were arrested early Monday morning and charged with stealing over $ 500,000 of Patron Tequila in Tampa, Florida.

MPs say they found Vidal Estrada, Lemuel Escobar, Humberto Ramirez and Alberto Obayu picking up the Patron Tequila boxes from a stolen semi-trailer after a driver found him missing after stopping for lunch in Tampa, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff.

The men allegedly had already moved 20 crates of tequila into a closed-body truck they registered before the MPs found them.

According to the sheriff’s office, there were about 966 cases of tequila with a retail value of $ 507,105.

All four men were charged with resisting an officer without violence, major theft and robbery of an unoccupied vehicle. Obama, 46, was additionally charged with possession of a prohibited substance.

The men are being held in jail and are due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Florida Man Sick of Poor Roads Plants Banana Tree in Pothole

A man fed up with a non-public avenue in bad circumstance close to his southwest Florida enterprise has a novel solution: plant a banana tree in a pothole to warn motorists away.

Last week, Bryan Raymond planted the tree in a stubborn pothole along Honda Drive just off U.S. Forty one in south Fort Myers. Raymond, who owns Progress and Pride Fitness Group, stated the idea of planting a banana tree ripened in his mind after having to fill holes in the street with cement multiple times.

Because Honda Drive is a private street, county officials stated, it’s up to the commercial enterprise owners to hold the road.

For Raymond, the banana tree is an attention-grabbing repair.

“If we ought to preserve it and make sure no one receives harm, we are going to positioned something obvious there to ensure nobody receives in the hole,” Raymond informed tv station WBBH.

For some time, Raymond’s protection cameras have captured problems along the street, together with pothole destructive automobiles and floodwaters causing his trash bin to flow away.

Some who paintings along the road say whatever is higher than potholes.

“I find it irresistible, I suppose it’s hilarious. We have to have greater of those,” said Scott Shein, who works at a nearby commercial enterprise, advised WBBH. “I suppose it’s miles sending a message.”

He’s visible so many automobiles hit a pothole on the road and “backside out” that it’s a real concern.

Charlie Lopez, who lives in close by Cape Coral, agrees.

“It messes up your tire, messes up the rim after which it essentially messes up your day,” he stated.

For a few, although, the sight of a tree brings disbelief.

“I pulled up and I’m like, is that surely a tree within the middle of the street?” stated John Hulker, who lives in Fort Myers, speaking with WINK-TV.