Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Are you looking for Florida Man December 25 Birthday Challenge? Here read different stories and read What Happened To Florida Man This Day?

Florida Man 25 December Birthday Challange

An eagle-eyed driver and her boyfriend heading home for Christmas spot the sign and claim to have picked up a message that just felt wrong: a gorilla saying he was a naughty boy (plus a word not appropriate for this family news site).

Markelle Maddock turned to try to catch him again.

“It was not difficult to see against the green background and the gorilla on it!” she said.

But another message appeared. “Where to buy milk. Where to buy milk. Where to buy milk. ”

And one more, maybe a word from a Twitter user who knows a thing or two about hacking billboards all over the country: “These people think connecting the billboard to the Internet is a good idea. These people are wrong. “