Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

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Florida Man 20 December Birthday Challange

PEMBROK PINS, Florida. Authorities say the man dragged a Florida cop in his car half a mile and led the other cops in a high-speed pursuit that ended with his capture. Pembroke Pines police said in a press release that 38-year-old Thomas Cabrera has been charged with attempted murder on Tuesday.

Police told CBS-affiliated WTSP that the incident began when Officer John Cusack responded to reports of a possible drug overdose in a residential area. The local security services reported that a man and a woman were in a sleeping car with a visible bag of some kind of substance.

When Cusack arrived, investigators say Cabrera woke up, switched transmission and tried to leave, the station said.

Police body camera footage shows Cusack getting into the car to try to stop it. The video then shows Cabrera taking off, dragging the 19-year-old police veteran half a mile before Cusack crashes.

Authorities say Cusack will survive but receive serious injuries.

Cabrera then led the police in a 20-mile pursuit, disrupting traffic during rush hour. Authorities say they found syringes and other drug-related items in the car.

In addition to being charged with attempted murder, Cabrera is also charged with escaping and dodging police and driving with a suspended license, the station said. His passenger was also detained, but it is unclear whether she was charged.