Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

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Florida Man 19 December Birthday Challange

Orlando, Florida. According to WOFL, a man managed to shoot down an 18-foot 150-pound Burmese python in the Florida Everglades.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission shared a startling photo of the monstrous snake Tuesday after wildlife hunter John Hammond got his hands on it.

The snake was caught and euthanized as part of the government’s python eradication program. The massive python is the largest snake caught in the program to date.

For 45 minutes, Hammond held the snake back.

“He ran away, grabbed him by the head. When I did it, I was squeezed below the waist, which was intended, ”- said Hammond WOFL.

Then he slowly dragged him onto the truck.

“The snake bags were too small,” Hammond said. “I had a tent bag in my truck. I hid it in the tent bag and then the tent bag in the brigade box. ”

The snake thief plans to skin it and use the skin.

Burmese pythons are considered an invasive FFWC species.

Large snakes eat many small native species and have no natural predators to control them, which poses problems for the Florida ecosystem.

Everglades hunters earn $ 8.25 an hour hunting pythons.

If they manage to find a python up to four feet long, they’ll get an extra $ 50.

If the kite is longer, they get another $ 25 per foot after four feet.

According to the WOFL, after getting his hands on the 18-foot beast, Hammond became $ 450 richer.