December 14

Are you looking for Florida Man December 14 Birthday Challenge? Here read different stories and read What Happened To Florida Man This Day?

Florida Man 14 December Birthday Challange

TARPON SPRINGS, Florida (AP) – A Florida resident is accused of having bitten two of his girlfriend’s boys and their mother is accused of neglect.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says Rashon Davis was arrested Thursday. He was charged with two aggravated child abuse charges and was held on $ 50,000 bail on Friday.

Court records show that no lawyer has been named for him.

The detectives say the two-year-old had eight bite marks on his back, buttocks and face and 35 wounds on his back. A 3-year-old boy had a bite on his buttock.

Detectives say Davis confessed to biting the boys out of frustration.

In August last year, the boys were taken from the house where Davis lived with his girlfriend Andrea Fulton after a family quarrel.

Fulton is accused of negligence. No lawyer was specified for her.

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