December 10

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Florida Man 10 December Birthday Challange

MIAMI (CBSMiami / AP) – A Florida man has been charged with child neglect after police said he left his child alone outside a police station at night because he thought he was gay.

Haines City police did not report on the arrest report whether the boy was the son of Evenod Julmeus, 30. The child’s name, age, or relationship to Yulmeus were not included in the protocol.
Investigators said Yulmeus and the boy had a falling out over the boy’s sexual orientation. Yulmeus told the boy to pack his bag and get into the car.
Julmeus dropped him off at the Haynes police station, according to the Tampa Bay Times, saying that “the police will find you a new home.”

The building was closed as the incident occurred after 21:00. The message says that the child was left with clothes, food, water, telephone and money.
A passer-by saw the boy and called the police. The message says that the boy “was very upset and cried.”

Yulmeus was released on bail from Polk County Jail. His lawyer was not on the prison records.

“Leaving a child alone in an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night is shameless,” said Haines City Police Chief Jim Elensky.

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