October 21

Boca Raton, Florida (AP). The Florida resident is now charged with manslaughter in connection with the beating last year of a vagabond whose track record included the arrests of “Peeping Tom.” News outlets report that 30-year-old Victor Van Vickery II was arrested last week in connection with the death of 57-year-old Asaad Akar. Fort Lauderdale … Read more

October 20

The Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputy was acquitted after shooting and injuring a naked man who aimed a crossbow at him and other deputies as they tried to arrest the man for barricading himself in the house. On October 20, the sheriff’s emergency services were called by a man who said his son, 26-year-old Glen … Read more

October 19

HIALIA, Florida. On Friday morning in Hialeah, Florida, there was a scary scene when a man for unknown reasons climbed a cell tower. Police and fire and rescue services were on site as the man continued to climb the tower higher, eventually making his way to the top. A Florida man climbs a cell phone … Read more

October 18

LAKE BUENA WISTA, Florida (AP) – Florida authorities say a man was arrested at Walt Disney World Resort after two minors accused him of touching them inappropriately. The Orlando Sentinel reports that 50-year-old James Jones has been charged with molestation. MPs say one of the victims told security that the suspect touched them while walking … Read more

October 17

On Tuesday, a large alligator was recovered from a homeowner’s pool by a shirtless Florida man. A video uploaded to social media shows alligator hunter Paul Bedard, wearing a bandana, glasses and a comfortable bathing suit, taking an 8-foot, 8-inch alligator out of a pool in Parkland, Florida. in the pool. I haven’t had a … Read more

October 16

His name is Jonathan Crenshaw. He is a frequent visitor to the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami’s South Beach area. He has no arms – it is not clear why – and was seen painting with his feet, according to the Miami Herald. But on Tuesday he was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, according … Read more

October 15

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. The Florida resident said he resisted an armed man who broke into his home on Friday and gouged out his eyes. Richard Golden said he was sitting at his home in Jacksonville when he heard someone break down his glass door. Then he found himself face to face with a man armed with … Read more

October 14

DELTONA, Florida (AP) – A Florida man previously charged with burning a three-year-old child is now charged with burning another, this time with boiling water. Citing the Volusia County Sheriff’s statement, news outlets report that 47-year-old Terry May was arrested Thursday and charged with child abuse and serious bodily harm. The statement said the violence … Read more

July 28

Pasco County, Florida (Gray News) – Pasco County MPs turned on the flashing lights when they allegedly saw Gordon Ormond drive through a red light early Friday morning. They expected him to drag his white work van to the side of the road, but the 56-year-old had other plans. In an arrest report reviewed by … Read more

October 12

Gadsden County MPs summoned to the hospital examined his personal belongings, including a sunglasses case with two lighters, a rubber ring, a small bag containing approximately 25 Xanax tablets, and a crushed tablet. Reinak then used the bathroom and showed himself to the nurse. According to the police report, when he was in the examination … Read more