May 21

Reports say a Florida man was arrested Sunday after police said he climbed into a playground and shouted obscene words to children to describe how babies are born. Otis Davein Ryan, 30, allegedly climbed onto one of the children’s toys in the playground near Pier 60 in Tampa Bay and shouted to a group of … Read more

May 20

Police said that after a while, MPs found a Florida man who was convicted of disorderly driving in a hotel parking lot in unusual clothes. MPs said 30-year-old Buford Carroll of Vero Beach was in a parked car wearing a white shirt “with a hot pink bra underneath,” according to a police report obtained by … Read more

May 19

Palm Coast (WTFF) – Florida first grader may be suspended after igniting a fire in his school bathroom. On Friday afternoon, a fire alarm went off at the appropriately named Raimfire Elementary School. Flagler County Deputy Sheriffs arrived and discovered that a 1st grade student had lit a paper towel dispenser. According to a press … Read more

May 18

The man reportedly told MPs that he lived in the neighborhood and that he “gets sexual gratification by pressing his penis and walking naked in the rain.” WATER BREEZE. According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, a man was arrested Thursday night for allegedly walking naked through a residential area in the rain with … Read more

May 17

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (AP) – A Florida motorist trying to elude the police didn’t get too far when he hopped out of his pickup truck. This is because his pants fell to his ankles as he ran away. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that 24-year-old Tobias Smith crashed into another car, a power pole, a … Read more

November 2

An autopsy found that an exploded e-cigarette earlier this month caused the death of a Florida man. According to the autopsy report, 38-year-old Talmadj D’Eliya died on May 5 from a piece of an electronic cigarette that pierced his head. His body was found in a burning house in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg police said. … Read more

May 15

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a man died in an e-cigarette explosion, according to authorities who are investigating the circumstances of his death. Talmadge D’Eliya, 38, was found dead this month after a fire alarm went off at his home and officers arrived at the scene, according to his autopsy report. Officials found he had a … Read more

May 14

Port Ritchie, Florida (WOFL FOX 35) – Johnny Metheny sits at the electric piano in his Port Ritchie home, self-taught song Amazing Grace. Johnny has never played before, but he is determined to internalize the song. He plays well with his right hand. “I got down pretty well on this side,” Metheny said. Then he … Read more

May 13

A man, dressed only in his underwear, was hit with a stun gun last week after he burst into the main lobby of Tallahassee Regional Airport, claiming he needed to catch a plane. Police contacted 26-year-old Chris Haynes after he broke into the airport’s main entrance and left his car unattended in the unloading area … Read more

May 12

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. Authorities released television footage showing a bizarre incident in which a naked man was stunned and taken into custody at a Florida airport, after which he allegedly claimed that a bomb had been planted in the bathroom. Video footage shows several officers searching for a man in the baggage claim area at … Read more