ST. JOHN COUNTY, Florida. A Florida man was arrested after allegedly pulling off a bus stop and then calling emergency services to wipe him down, WTLV reported. 19-year-old Nicholas Jones is accused of reckless driving, misuse of the emergency services and violation of probation. On May 5, on South Woodlawn Street, when the car pulled … Read more

Police arrested an 82-year-old man from Lake Wales, Florida for cutting a woman’s tires because he claimed she was sitting in his favorite bingo spot. WTVT-TV reports that Fred Smith was charged with criminal injury last Monday when police said he took an ice ax into the van of 88-year-old Ethel Britt during a weekly … Read more

Reginald Brown, 32, of Clearwater, Florida, was pronounced dead on Macon Road at 3:15 a.m. by Muskogee County Deputy Coroner Charles Newton. Brown was hit by a car in West Lane Macon Road about 1,500 feet off McKee Road, Columbus Police Sergeant. Chris Anderson said. According to Anderson, the case is still under investigation, and … Read more

GANESVILLE, Florida (AP) – A man from Gainesville who neighbors say is responsible for an outbreak of stray rabbits in their area has been fined by the city a second time. The Gainesville Sun reports that 57-year-old von “Aspen” Ruder owns approximately 25 rabbits, more than the city’s two-rabbits limit. On Friday, Ruder was fined … Read more

Mount Dora (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested Thursday after he reportedly threw spaghetti at his mom and pushed her over a wall. It was around 3 am when a Mount Dora police officer answered the emergency call. The corporal spoke to the victim, the mother of a Florida man. She told the police … Read more

Well, while it lasted, it was definitely fun. The party was cut short for one Florida man who was arrested after disrupting two strangers’ wedding reception, bravely sneaking into the event not once, but twice before being caught by law enforcement. On May 20, Sadie and Adam Dyke said yes at the Grand Plaza Hotel … Read more

ST. AUGUSTIN, Florida (AP). The Florida resident faces multiple charges after sheriff’s deputies said he threatened two McDonald’s diners with a stun gun and a knife and shouted, “Get out of my country.” It happened early Wednesday in St. Augustine on Florida’s Atlantic coast. Mohamed Galal and Zayad Said told the St. John’s deputies that … Read more

A Florida man who claimed that his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex was found not guilty of second-degree murder on Monday. According to the Sun Sentinel, 65-year-old Richard Patterson of Margate was acquitted of the murder of 60-year-old girlfriend Francisco Marquines in 2015 after a week-long trial. sex with him in her apartment. … Read more

BARTOW. A Winter Haven man who was arrested in June for stealing a car he could not drive was sentenced to a year in state prison last year. In October, 21-year-old Patrick Trower dropped the two charges of car theft and burglary. The prosecutor’s office dropped charges of theft of a vehicle, possession of morphine, … Read more