March 31

A Florida man was left with a bullet lodged in his testicle after his wife allegedly shot him during a recent skirmish over an alleged romance. According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, 60-year-old Victoria Reed forced her husband to sit on the sofa while she threatened to maim, kill, and cause PTSD – a … Read more

March 30

FORT MYERS, Florida, March 30. (UPI). A Florida resident met an unexpected guest while visiting his father’s house in Fort Myers – a Florida panther sitting on the porch. Florida Fish and Wildlife has shared a photo taken by Phil Hendra of a panther staring at the camera as it relaxes quietly on his father’s … Read more

March 29

DEFUNIAC SPRINGS. According to the Walton County Sheriff, a Florida man was arrested this weekend after escaping from a stop and then returning to taunt officers and make donuts in his four-wheeled vehicle. Aaron Clark, 24, was charged with escaping, dodging and reckless driving after he escaped a road stop Saturday night, MPs said. Clarke … Read more

March 28

Florida police stumbled upon a suspect in a cold case when a man applied for a job requiring background checks decades later – and his fingerprints allegedly matched, authorities said this week. Todd Burket, 51, was arrested Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the 1998 murder of Sondra Better, a 68-year-old woman … Read more

March 27

This is after he pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and illegal possession of credit card equipment last year. Court documents say Chesapeake police opened an investigation in March 2017 after receiving more than usual complaints about unauthorized use of credit cards. According to the documents, investigators identified 43 victims, who lost $ 7,105.70. Garcia’s … Read more

March 26

26 March. (UPI) – A pair of Florida men said their fishing trip ended prematurely when a giant white shark suddenly appeared. Port Orange man Kyle Morningstar, 31, who posted a video of the meeting on Instagram, said he and 27-year-old friend Ian Smith were at the Turtle Mound fishing spot, 27 miles off the … Read more

March 25

Two men from West Palm Beach apparently enjoyed the ride with an injured owl while they were allegedly drinking and captured the whole thing on film, according to wildlife authorities. But wildlife state officials aren’t laughing. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the two men could face charges of capturing a great horned … Read more

March 24

This week, a Florida man was given a ticket for eating the most important meal of the day at arguably the worst possible place. On March 21, Lakeland Police Department officers were notified of a man eating pancakes at the intersection of Memorial Boulevard and Brunnell Parkway. According to LPD, “the caller reported that the … Read more

March 23

APOPKA, Florida. A Florida man is accused of child sexual abuse after officials said he paid more than $ 800 for Uber to get a teenage girl from Texas to Apopka. Police said 25-year-old Richard Brown raped a 17-year-old girl at his parents’ house for several days. The two met via Instagram after he told … Read more

March 22

MILTON, Florida. A Florida man was arrested for pushing a woman when she refused to let him in to eat egg buns, police said. >> Find out more current news The woman told investigators that Kate Johnson, 44, was drunk and wanted to go in and eat egg buns, WEAR reported. After she told Johnson … Read more