Florida is getting everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons. The latest dangerous trend on the Internet is showing people filming getting out of cars and dancing to Drake’s In My Feelings. Police authorities warned people that the stunt was dangerous, which was quickly discovered by 22-year-old Jaylene Norwood of Boynton Beach, Florida. A video uploaded … Read more

St. Augustine: A Florida man, upset that a woman didn’t want to try his vape pen, was arrested after pointing a gun at a woman. The clash reportedly took place Friday morning at McDonald’s at 1 US Street in St. Augustine, where the woman works, according to the arrest report. She was out of business … Read more

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. A man brewed a beer by running into a Florida store carrying a live alligator with a taped mouth tape. A video published by WTLV shows an unknown man entering a store in Jacksonville holding an alligator with his right hand. He walks with the alligator to the counter and asks: “Are you … Read more

Pasco County, Florida (Gray News) – Pasco County MPs turned on the flashing lights when they allegedly saw Gordon Ormond drive through a red light early Friday morning. They expected him to drag his white work van to the side of the road, but the 56-year-old had other plans. In an arrest report reviewed by … Read more

BRADENTON, Florida (WFTS / CNN) – A Florida man was injured while moving pool furniture on his patio. It only took a second, but he almost died. Charles Lee was moving a deck chair when a gust of wind knocked him down into the pool. A chair leg pierced his throat. “I was stunned. This … Read more

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – A man with an alligator under his arm stormed into a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida, looking for a 12-pack of beer. According to the local branch of ABC News, the incident, which was captured on a laugh-filled Facebook post, is being investigated by Florida wildlife. The WTLC said it was not … Read more

July 25. (UPI) – A Florida man filmed carrying an alligator to the store to buy beer, said the trick was just a harmless joke. The video, which went viral after Robbie Stratton posted it on Facebook, shows a man carrying an alligator to the Safeway Discount Beverage store in Jacksonville. “You have no beer, … Read more

FLORIDA. A Florida man was arrested after authorities said he had euthanized alligators in the Everglades and then raped them. Sean Kilums, 57, was discovered by Florida authorities during intercourse with a tranquilized alligator on Sunday afternoon. Authorities say they shocked Sean because he did not follow police orders, police claim that Sean was also … Read more

The world could use more random acts of kindness. Tony Carlson, a Tallahassee police officer, didn’t think he was being recorded one Sunday afternoon. Answering a call near Circle K on Thomasville Road, Carlson pulled into a gas station parking lot. He saw a homeless man there trying to shave off his beard. The man … Read more

The man who shot another man during a parking fight will not be arrested or charged, Florida police said. Michael Drake, 47, was dumped by Marquis McGlockton on Thursday after colliding with his girlfriend parked in a disabled garage. Drake then shot Mr. McGlockton in the chest while still on the ground. Police say they … Read more