January 31

Robbing a bank may seem easy on the big screen, but in real life it isn’t. And for the adventures of a Florida man, definitely not. On Wednesday, an unknown person could have attempted a movie-style bank robbery in Pembroke Pines. The FBI is investigating a tunnel leading to the Chase Bank that was discovered … Read more

January 30

A Florida resident claims he was jailed for six weeks due to an incorrectly identified bag of detergent. On December 5, the Martin County Sheriff’s office responded to reports of a “suspicious van” in the parking lot and found 29-year-old Matt Krall asleep in the car. The deputy allegedly checked the bag found inside the … Read more

January 29

A worker at the restaurant told police the suspect held his right hand up at her “in a position that, to her, resembled a gun, with his hand in a fist, his thumb pointed up and his index and second finger pointed straight out.” GAINSEVILLE, Florida. According to the arrest report, the Florida man charged … Read more

January 28

A Florida resident is charged with a felony after allegedly stealing pills he believed to be opioids. They were actually laxatives. Peter Emery, 56, was videotaped taking pills from a safe, according to an affidavit from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. He later told police that he took two pills, thinking it was hydrocodone acetaminophen, … Read more

January 27

January 27 (UPI) – Florida Burger King has the largest hamburger collection in the world, with over 3,000 items. Harry “Harry’s Hamburger” Spurl is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Largest Collection of Hamburger Items” with 3,724 items at his Daytona Beach home. “The Harley hamburger is one of my favorite … Read more

January 26

Here’s a weird fact in life: you just never know when you’re going to hit a hand grenade. You may not know when your day will come, but you can decide what you will do if it comes, and to be clear there is a right answer and a wrong answer. Correct: call the authorities … Read more

January 25

SARASOTA, Florida. Authorities said the man was arrested for aiming lasers at planes trying to land at a Florida airport and wounding a pilot. Charlie Chapman Jr. aimed his laser pointer at the plane four times and once at the sheriff’s helicopter as they tried to land at Sarasota-Bradenton airport last week, according to the … Read more

January 24

SEBRING, Florida. Police said Thursday that the perpetrator who caught up with the Florida branch of SunTrust Bank apparently forced the five women inside to lie on the floor of the lobby before shooting them in the back of the head. Sebring Police Chief Karl Hoglund said there is no indication that Zefen Xaver intended … Read more

January 23

MPs arrested 24-year-old Robert Eddington after a Monday afternoon incident at the victim’s home south of Daytona Beach. A North Florida man ended up behind bars after police said he beat and sprayed pepper gas on his mother, claiming that he did it because she “was a narcissist.” Volusia County MPs arrested 24-year-old Robert Eddington … Read more

January 22

(Gray News) – A Florida man wanted to prove to his mother that he could be independent. If she wants to see him now, she will have to visit him at the Sumter County Jail. Hassan Alexander Campbell, 23, is charged with attempted robbery, battery, escaping and escaping after trying to detain a Circle K … Read more