February 19

PORT RICHIE, Florida. A Port Ritchie man was arrested Monday after MPs said he threw a slice of pizza at his mom during an altercation and then ran away from police. The Pascoe County Sheriff’s Office reported that 37-year-old Michael Stempel had a falling out with his mother and his mother asked him to leave … Read more

February 18

According to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, a homeless man who identified himself as “God’s agent” was found walking with a large rattlesnake in Jacksonville Beach on Monday morning. Sergeant. Larry Smith told First Coast News that they received a call about a man carrying a snake that was 6 to 8 feet long. After … Read more

February 17

“A Florida man is behind bars after police said he caused thousands of dollars in damage while trying to kill the ‘demons’ he believes tormented him. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Rafael Gomez, 32, wielded a sledgehammer, hitting the windows of people and cars. Gomez told police that he was drinking when someone … Read more

February 16

Soldiers identified a Nashville man who was killed Friday night after hitting a deer while riding a scooter in Oak Hill. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 67-year-old Giancarlo Agnoletti was pronounced dead at the scene after his bicycle hit an animal in the Kennedy Parkway and US 1. The soldiers responded at about 6:45 … Read more

February 15

The chase on the golf course is a genre classic. From Hollywood to real life, his knowledge lives on in the hearts and minds of golfers everywhere, becoming more popular with every new report from Florida (it’s almost always Florida). Rarely do we manage to actually witness said pursuit, left only to fill the bunker … Read more

February 14

LAKE WORTH Florida. – On another day, the camera got another doorbell. This time in Lake Worth, Florida, a man was arrested for licking Ring’s video intercom. The camera catches the man licking the doorbell over and over. Many people thought that when the first click of the doorbell was seen by Ring’s camera in … Read more

February 13

A Florida man was arrested after testing the car and not returning it to a car dealership. According to police, the man, J’Briel Skurri, and another man went to a car dealership inquiring about buying a car. He found a car to test drive and even filled out paperwork to buy it. The man asked … Read more

February 12

A man from Pasco County ended up behind bars after MPs said he hit his girlfriend with a burrito. Peter Elakwa, 41, was arrested Monday in connection with an incident last week. According to the arrest report, Elaqua was arguing with his girlfriend on Friday at their Felsdale Avenue home in Port Ritchie when it … Read more

February 11

OLDSMAR, Florida (WTSP). An Oldsmar man was arrested Monday after allegedly recording that he had sex with his Siberian husky, Pinellas County sheriffs deputies say. Christian Steward Oscar Nichols, 21, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. The investigation began last month when someone told Pinellas County Animal Services that he had seen videos and … Read more

February 10

Florida authorities arrested a man accused of throwing a live alligator through a restaurant window. According to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission report, investigators have identified Joshua James of Jupiter, Florida, as the man who threw a 3m reptile at Wendy last fall. He faces three charges related to the incident: aggravated assault with … Read more