August 21

A Florida man set up an operating room in his home to perform castration using medical equipment, pain relievers and a camera. This Florida man’s failure sounds like a horror movie. According to the Highland County Sheriff, a Florida man was arrested on August 18 for a failed castration operation on another man. The two … Read more

August 20

LAKE WORT BEACH, Florida (WPTV / CNN) – After a Florida couple fed a kinkajou, a mammal native to Central and South America, it did not leave them alone, eventually biting and scratching a 37-year-old man. Michael Literski, 37, says he and his girlfriend Jillian Hicks thought the kinkajou they found on the doorstep on … Read more

August 19

PALM BAY, FL (AP) – An 88-year-old Florida man was arrested after police said he burned a captured raccoon alive because the animal ate his mango. Ezra James told WKMG-TV on Saturday that he doused a raccoon with gasoline and lit a match. Apart from the mango, James feared that the raccoon might infect him … Read more

August 18

Highlands County, Florida. Florida MPs have arrested a man for attempted castration at his home in Highlands County, WFTS reported. The MPs were summoned to the home of 74-year-old Gary Van Riswick on Ordai Road in Sebring on Sunday 18 August. When they arrived, Riswick told the MP that he had just castrated the man … Read more

August 17

A Florida resident allegedly damaged a white Cadillac after dumping a pile of mud with a front-end loader when his girlfriend showed up to work Friday in a rented car. Hunter Mills, 20, was arrested at an earthmoving company in Crestview, Florida and charged with criminal injury. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff, Mills’ girlfriend … Read more

August 16

Martin County MPs discovered the gruesome scene in the driveway of Tequesta’s home on Monday when they spotted 19-year-old Austin Harrowf bending over a bleeding man, ripping off parts of his face with his teeth. The Miami Herald reports that MPs unsuccessfully tried to use stun guns and a police dog to get Harrowff, a … Read more

August 15

CRESTVIEW, Florida. A Florida man arrested for destroying a liquor store under construction told police that he was Alice in Wonderland and that “a hookah-smoking caterpillar” ordered him to attack the place. Crestview police said in a Facebook post that Matthew Horace Jones is accused of breaking into a fenced-in area and using a forklift … Read more

August 14

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (WSBT) – A Florida man is in jail after police said he threatened to “remove” another person during a dispute over remote control vehicles and shot a victim’s car. According to the report, 42-year-old Torrie L. Sloss drove up to the victim on the morning of August 14, blocking the movement of … Read more

August 13

LARGO, Florida. A Florida man was arrested after police said he deliberately shot down a group of ducklings playing in a puddle. This happened on Sunday evening, just before 20:00. Police say numerous witnesses saw James Claremont drive his Ford truck westbound on Orange Drive inside a mobile home park in Largo, Florida. At the … Read more

August 12

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. The Florida resident was accused of spraying his neighbors with cockroach spray and attempting to use nunchucks – hitting himself in the head instead – over a complaint about loud music, the court records say. Larry Darnell Adams, 61, of Daytona Beach, is charged with aggravated assault with lethal weapons and aggravated … Read more