April 10

 Nothing will come between a Florida man and his spaghetti; not even a fork. Police in Naples were called to the local Olive Garden Sunday after reports that a man was causing a disturbance. When the cops arrived, they found Ben Padgett, 32, sitting shirtless near the front door and eating spaghetti with his bare hands. … Read more

April 9

ORANGE GRAPH, Florida. The MPs said that the man who killed another person with an ax in a fight over lottery tickets. ORANGE DISTRICT, Florida. – The MPs said that the man who killed another person with an ax in a fight over lottery tickets and beer was arrested. Friday evening. The attack was reported … Read more

April 8

JUPITER, Florida, April 8. (UPI) – A Florida rower with a camera mounted on the front of a board captured his encounter with a spinner shark that leaped out of the water. Maximo Trinidad posted a video on YouTube showing footage of him paddleboarding Thursday with a “spinner encounter” near Corners Beach, near Carlin Park … Read more

April 7

April 7 (UPI) – A Florida video game store owner is challenging a city law that forbids him from showing inflatable characters outside of his store. Authorities in the Orange Park suburb of Jacksonville told Scott Fischer, owner of Gone Broke Gaming, that he must remove the 10-foot inflatable Super Mario that once stood outside … Read more

April 6

A Florida resident with a Florida tattoo on his face is charged with burglary. On Wednesday, The Palm Beach Post reported that 25-year-old Jonathan Hewett has been jailed without bail. He has a map of Florida tattooed on his left forehead and temple. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Hewitt was seen on surveillance … Read more

April 5

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida man is behind bars after mistaking a 66-year-old tourist with Parkinson’s disease for a car thief. Kevin Mena, a 21-year-old Orlando native, is charged with battery and battery aggravated charges on a person 65 years of age or older. Authorities said Mena saw a man pull the handle … Read more

April 4

MILTON. According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, the man died Tuesday morning after ingesting seven grams of cocaine during a traffic stop. On Monday evening, an unidentified man was stopped due to a traffic accident. He was arrested and charged with license suspension and possession of a controlled substance. MPs claim they saw … Read more

April 3

HERNANDO, Florida. Florida authorities claim a man stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a sword and then hit her with his truck. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that MPs found 42-year-old Brandi Blevins dead in her front yard on Sunday evening. Detectives said 41-year-old Eric Huffman stabbed Blevins to death with a … Read more

April 2

OSCEola District, Florida (WKMG). The murder suspect is accused of beating a man so severely with a vacuum cleaner that he chopped off his head, leaving him beaten beyond recognition, according to the Osceola County Sheriff’s records. MPs said they were summoned to Donegan Avenue in Kissimmee on March 14 after a man was found … Read more

April 1

Brevard COUNTY, Fla. – Florida people who were caught uploading thousands of images that contain either child pornography or child erotica said he viewed the graphic content as a “boredom killer” even though he knew it was wrong, according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. MPs said they launched an investigation in April 2019 after … Read more