April 20

20 April 2021 (UPI) – Happy 420! Authorities arrested a 49-year-old Florida resident Friday after he allegedly threatened two Democratic presidential candidates and a Muslim member of Congress. John Cless of Tamarak first appeared on Friday before US Justice of the Peace Barry Seltzer on charges of transmitting a threatening message. He allegedly threatened Senator … Read more

April 19

A Florida resident faces death row charges after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, killing her and wounding her roommate early Sunday morning. Christopher Pequin, 33, faces multiple charges, including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a lethal weapon, according to the Polk County Sheriff. Pequin’s unidentified friend allegedly told her roommate that she … Read more

April 18

A Florida man accused of flooding consumers with 97 million phone calls touting fake travel deals appeared in front of lawmakers on Wednesday to explain how robotic calls work and say, “I’m not the head of the alleged robotic calls.” Miami-based Adrian Abramovich, who is battling a proposed $ 120 million fine, told Senators that … Read more

April 17

Clermont (WTFF) – A Central Florida man was arrested after allegedly pulling a knife and threatening people at the Waffle House. Donald Degrave, 26, faces two charges of assault with deadly weapons without intent to kill. He was arrested on Tuesday morning, April 17, 2018, at about 4:00 am. According to his affidavit, he was … Read more

April 16

MELBOURNE, Florida. A Florida man believed to be heavily impacted by flacca, a drug that authorities say spreads across the state, attacked Police Officer Brevard after being stunned twice and claimed to be God repeatedly, according to official data. 41-year-old Kenneth Crowder from Melbourne was arrested on Friday on charges of beating a law enforcement … Read more

April 15

U.S. Capitol police said a small one-passenger gyroplane landed on the West Lawn of the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon. One person was detained, Capitol Police spokeswoman Kimberly Schneider said by email. Eyewitnesses in Capitol offices said they saw police running to the plane and taking the pilot away. The small ship landed in the middle … Read more

April 14

Vero Beach (WTFF). A drunken Florida man was arrested Sunday night in the Sam’s Club parking lot. William Thompson, 57, was reportedly lying on the side of the road, like most Florida men, when their drunken stupor turns into sleepy times. According to the Miami Herald, the Indian River County sheriff’s deputy found him “disoriented” … Read more

April 13

It must be difficult for a counterfeiter these days. Technology has provided us with advanced anti-counterfeiting measures that make it difficult to pass ridiculous money as something real. For one Florida counterfeiter, 20-year-old Tony Jerome Thorbert Jr., things got so bad that he started selling counterfeit dollars on Craigslist. Let’s talk to Florida Today to … Read more

April 12

Stay cool, Florida man. On April 12, a police officer in Port St. Lucie, Florida pulled up in a chaotic pickup truck … and found that a half-naked driver, surrounded by sexy paraphernalia and dressed in clothes, saw more than he expected. underwear with the words “Breathalyzer” and the words “Blow Me” near his genitals. … Read more

April 11

A Florida man flew too close to the sun and was banned from ordering pizza after making too many jokes in restaurants. Sebastian, Florida resident Randy Riddle has been accused of placing fake orders as well as not paying for pizza or delivering it to the wrong address, according to the Palm Beach Post. Riddle … Read more