A South Florida man was arrested after police said he called a pet store and threatened to open fire on employees inside. According to the arrest report, 66-year-old Jamie Militana called Puppies and Rescues, located at 8961 Taft Street in Pembroke Pines. He told his co-worker that he was upset about the puppies he bought … Read more

Eustice (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested after he was found sleeping at a stop sign with methamphetamine pipes in his pickup truck. At about 7:00 am Tuesday, a Eustice police officer answered a call regarding a suspicious vehicle in the N. Prescott and E. Bates Avenue area. According to the written statement of … Read more

WINTER PARK, Florida. Police say a 58-year-old Florida man shot his roommate because he was angry with the cat hair lying on the couch. Craig Tall faces charges of robbery with firearms, shooting into a residential area, aggravated assault and aggravated assault following Wednesday’s incident at his home in central Florida. A roommate told investigators … Read more

This Florida resident might not have had the best idea. According to the Putnam County Sheriff’s report, Douglas Peter Kelly, from Hawthorne, in northern Florida, contacted MPs on Tuesday with a complaint saying he thought he was being sold bad drugs. A police report on Facebook said the man told MPs that he bought methamphetamine … Read more

APRIL 26 – A Florida man was arrested Thursday morning for kicking swans in Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando while practicing karate. According to the arrest report, several witnesses told Orlando police officers that they saw 34-year-old Rocco Mantella from Jacksonville leave the main lane in Lake Eola Park at around 9:20 am to … Read more

April 25 – Last weekend, the US Coast Guard rescued a man from Florida after attempting to ride a hamster ball or inflatable bubble up the Bermuda Triangle (again). The US Coast Guard voluntarily rescued and took Reza Baluchi ashore this Sunday, according to the Washington Post. His journey began at Pompano Beach and ended … Read more

April 24 – Sebastian, Florida According to Sebastian police, a Florida Man threw a toothy Billy Bass at another man after an altercation between them. Gregory Carney, 54, has been charged with an Assault after police said he hit another Florida man with a singing toy fish on April 22. Carney told the officers that … Read more

April 23 – ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) Authorities say a man walked into a gas station in Florida and hit the 13-year-old stranger, passing out. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials say the girl was at the convenience store on Saturday afternoon while her parents refueled gas on the street. They say Colby Smith entered the store … Read more

A Florida man was convicted of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of his colleague in a dispute over gumbo seasoning. Orlando Ricardo Thompson, 27, was found guilty Thursday of Caleb Halley’s 2015 death, according to The Panama City News Herald. For this crime he faces life imprisonment. Thompson will be convicted on May 4th. … Read more

(NBC) – A Florida man was arrested Tuesday in the Tampa Bay area after police said he stopped an undercover detective by posing as an officer. Matthew Joseph Erris, 26, was driving his white 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer when he allegedly turned on red and blue lights to stop another driver, according to the Hillsborough County … Read more