Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Most Florida residents are accustomed to traveling with people on motorcycles.

But the other day one motorist did not believe his eyes.

While driving on the 95th South Road near Jacksonville on Saturday, a woman and her son noticed a man lying on a bicycle, barefoot driving a car, looking completely calm and relaxed. The man was not wearing a shirt or helmet (according to Florida law, helmets are not required for people with at least $ 10,000 health insurance).

Rashand Anderson Glespen posted a short video on her Facebook page with the caption: “JJ and I had the pleasure of watching this in ’95 about 15 minutes ago … wth ??? This guy was flying. ”
Glespen was riding on a good clip, and the guy overtook her.

“I was with my son Joseph, and we were confused as we drove by,” the motorist told the Miami Herald. “I gave him my phone and slowed down a little (probably 50-60 mph) so he could film him driving by. It was crazy. ”

A resident of Jacksonville was pretty surprised by the trick.

“It’s really nice to see something like this,” she continued. “But I didn’t hang around after I shot the video because I knew it wouldn’t take long for it to turn into a mess and I didn’t want to risk getting into an accident.”

This guy apparently wasn’t a hiker for a walk: there was a Florida license plate on the motorcycle, Glespen said.

Despite this dangerous trick, at least he didn’t text.

St. Petersburg lawyer Heath S. Murphy of the Jones Law Group said the as-yet-unidentified biker could get into a lot of trouble if a police officer saw him.

“The athlete in the video can be cited for multiple violations,” he said. “He violates F.C. 316.2085 (2), for not having his legs and feet on each side of the bike. I would imagine that most police officers would also exile him for reckless driving or reckless driving. Although the statutes are similar for each of them, reckless driving is a civil offense and reckless driving is a criminal charge. ”