April 26

APRIL 26 – A Florida man was arrested Thursday morning for kicking swans in Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando while practicing karate.

According to the arrest report, several witnesses told Orlando police officers that they saw 34-year-old Rocco Mantella from Jacksonville leave the main lane in Lake Eola Park at around 9:20 am to kick two swans – one in the back and one more to the head “as hard as possible” during his karate session.

One eyewitness said they heard Mantella laugh when he noticed her reaction to him kicking swans. He then proceeded to kick the swan again using a “Chuck Norris-like” roundhouse style kick. Again, the eyewitness was horrified and Mantella appeared to think the situation was hilarious.

Another witness said they also saw Mantella kick a sleeping duck.

The officers failed to locate the animals that were allegedly kicked.

Mantella has been charged with animal cruelty and is now being held on $ 1,000 bail.


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