April 25

April 25 – Last weekend, the US Coast Guard rescued a man from Florida after attempting to ride a hamster ball or inflatable bubble up the Bermuda Triangle (again).

The US Coast Guard voluntarily rescued and took Reza Baluchi ashore this Sunday, according to the Washington Post. His journey began at Pompano Beach and ended near Fort Pierce. Based on the past, this rescue operation could cost nearly $ 144,000.

“This alleged adventure unnecessarily endangered the lives of Mr. Baluchi, the maritime community and the men and women of our Coast Guard,” said Captain Austin Gould, commander of the Miami Coast Guard.

In addition, the Coast Guard has a responsibility to ensure that taxpayers’ money and resources are used efficiently and appropriately.

This is not the first time Baluchiy’s actions have wasted valuable taxpayers’ money. The endurance runner launched his homemade device out into the water in October 2014, but ended up having to be rescued after losing his GPS system, WPLG reported. And on April 13, he attempted the quest again, but he was thrown back to the shore because it was a little windy.

The Coast Guard letter indicates that Baluchi was warned not to embark on his last trip, saying it could result in a seven-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $ 40,000.

“I believe that your current scheduled voyage without the use of an escort / support vessel or equivalent precautions to enable self-rescue is unsafe,” the letter said. “I encourage you to work with my staff to develop a flight plan that meets the requirements that I set out earlier.”

Baloch did not say if there would be a fourth (probably unsuccessful) attempt.

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