April 24

April 24 – Sebastian, Florida

According to Sebastian police, a Florida Man threw a toothy Billy Bass at another man after an altercation between them. Gregory Carney, 54, has been charged with an Assault after police said he hit another Florida man with a singing toy fish on April 22. Carney told the officers that he wasn’t aiming at the other man when he threw the fish and accidentally hit him. According to the police report, the man’s eyebrow was cut.

Carney got angry when he learned that the man had thrown the fish away, the report says, so he grabbed it from the trash can and threw it violently at the man. The man told the police that he argued with Carney because Carney was playing with the fish “just to piss him off.”

Officers arrested Carney and sent him to the Indian River County Jail. He was released on a $500 bail.

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